Our Families Say

I work hard during the school year to get good grades and it is a great reward going to camp in the summer. My parents cannot afford to send me, so I would like to thank everyone for making it possible. Your generousity means the world to me and because of you, I will never forget my summers at camp.”Naeem Muhammed, camper
It is a rarity for people in my neighborhood to come into contact with many white people. Camp sent most of the stereotypes about white people out of my head and left an imprint on my mind and heart that will help me throughout life.”Ciera Simmons, former camper
I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to any and everyone who contributes to this organization. It has given my daughter the opportunity to explore an environment that we would otherwise only hear about from others. Camp has enriched our lives for three years and has allowed my daughter to have a multitude of exciting adventures.”Tango Walker, parent
When my teacher first suggested camp to me, I was hooked. I’d never heard of anyone leaving home for a whole month, but I wanted to go and I’m glad my parents let me. Lindsey and I got to be friends our first summer. We gave each other advice and always found time to talk…even with all the activities at camp. At the end of the summer we traded art projects. Mine said ‘I love Lindsey’ and hers said ‘I love Kristen.’”Kristen Ingram, camper
I am so glad she was given this opportunity. This experience will also help her if she decides to go away to college and in life generally. She learned to meet people from other places and to respect their differences.”Valarie Pearson, parent
My first night at camp I was feeling a little homesick. Kristen, a girl in my cabin, sat with me at dinner and told me jokes to make me feel better. That’s how we got to be good friends. When it would rain, we’d push our bunks together and talk all night. The next summer, I couldn’t wait to see her again. When her plane arrived at the airport, I ran up and gave her a big hug.”Lindsey Lazarov, camper