Now I Know I Can Swim!

What do you enjoy about being at camp?
I like being with my friends, having fun with them, and doing all the activities that we don’t have at home. We get a lot of exercise at camp which is good — instead of just sitting around the house.

What kind of skills did you learn at camp?
Many! I learned how to play dodge ball, canoe, archery, riflery, basketball and especially how to swim. I even like swimming now. It was a struggle to learn at first — I didn’t want to and I even asked my mom to come get me and bring me home — but I stuck with it. I feel pretty good now that I KNOW I can swim.

What have you learned about life because of camp?
I learned about the importance of how to live with others in a group, how to clean up after myself, and how to get along with others. I’ve also learned how to stop being mad at others when they annoy me. I used to have anger issues, but now I’ve learned how to forgive people.

Why do you want to go back to camp?
I just like being with my friends. I am just so comfortable at camp. My advice to anyone is: enjoy camp while you can!