Mitzvah Project Ideas

Graham from North Star wrote letters to stores in the Chicago area that sell camp supplies asking them to support Camp for All Kids. He also had a S’more Off to include his friends and raise money for organization.

Gabi from Birch Trail is collecting new and gently used camping equipment from her guests and asking them to support the organization.

Emily from Birch Trail sent a letter to her family and friends explaining Camp for All Kids and directing them to the website.

Madi from Birch Trail made s’more pops with her mom and sold them to raise money for Camp for All Kids.

Lily from Kamaji asked that in lieu of gifts, friends and family make a donation to Camp for All Kids. Lily, along with Natalie, Dana, Erica, and Leah, have raised more than $20,000 in 2008-2009 from B’Nai Mitzvah donations.

David from Timberlane had S’mores Night in his backyard before his Bar Mitzvah. He says “I chose Camp for All Kids as my mitzvah project because I want other kids to experience the greatness of overnight camp.”

If your mitzvah project supported Camp for All Kids, pleaseĀ send us an email and we’ll add your story to this list!