Mitzvah Projects

Bar and Bat Mitzvah is an amazing time in your life. It is amazing in terms of energy, excitement, hard work and great accomplishment. Wherever you find yourself in this process, we wish you Mazel Tov.

We are writing to you because we know of a way to combine this exciting rite of passage with your love of camp. As you consider where to focus your Mitzvah project, why not consider Camp for All Kids?

See how other campers are supporting Camp for All Kids with their Mitzvah projects.

As you know, Camp for All Kids makes it possible for many of your friends to return to camp summer after summer. You get to live and play and learn with people you might otherwise not get to even meet.

We can help you share news of your choice of projects with your friends and family and help you let them know why this is so important to you. Here you can download a sample letter and insert you might want to send with your invitation or email to your guests. We’ll be happy to send you some bookmarks and donation envelopes too.

Let us know how we can help you enhance this exciting and important times in your and your family’s life.