Dear Friends of Camp for All Kids,

Camp for All Kids is nearing the end of a remarkable and productive year which would not have been possible without the generous support of friends like you. Thank you!

Thank you for your past support! Your gifts enabled us to send 70 children to our five partner camps this past summer! That represents a 20% increase over the number of campership recipients Camp for All Kids sponsored in summer 2016.

Our growth was driven by our new partnerships with four elementary and middle schools in 2017, adding two University of Chicago charter schools (Donoghue and North Kenwood), LEARN Academy in North Chicago, and Central Elementary in Ferguson, Missouri.

Camp for All Kids is growing in important and strategic ways, and that growth is fueled entirely by your generous support of our work. Thank you for making possible the life-changing, summer-camp experiences our campership recipients enjoy!

We are particularly pleased to be working with families and administrators at Central Elementary in Ferguson, Missouri. After Michael Brown’s death in 2015, we became aware of the dire lack of opportunities available for children in Ferguson. By partnering with Central Elementary, Camp for All Kids made a difference in the lives of four students, Emporia, Montisse, Aireon and Natalie, who received camperships from us last summer. Our school liaison tells us that she’s already seen in these students an increase in self-confidence, tenacity, joy in hard work, and assuming leadership in school. All four students will be returning to camp next summer and have asked us to “Please tell the people who helped us go to camp, thank you!!!”

It feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing that you’ve made a differencein the lives of deserving children. Isn’t it gratifying to know that these campers, along with 66 others from under-served communities in Chicago, St. Louis and Cleveland, grew and matured through their camp experiences in ways we all recognize from our own camp experiences?

Let’s do it again! Camp for All Kids plans to underwrite 85 camperships to new and returning campers for the summer of 2018! Your renewed support will help send these kids from under-resourced schools and neighborhoods to one of our generous partner camps. Please join us in making this goal a reality, and in making life-changing differences in the lives of the children and families.

Thank you for including Camp for All Kids in your year-end philanthropic plans! We look forward to hearing from you.


Ben Sher and Brian Williams
Camp for All Kids Co-Presidents

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"Aireon has matured since camp. He’s more self-sufficient and a lot more active. Kids today use so much technology, but now he’s one of the ‘outside guys.’ And his grades are great!"
–Aireon's Mom–


"The children keep talking about how much fun it was. That’s important,but I loved that the counselors talked with the kids all the time about college, the dreams they can have, and the goals they can start working toward now. That changes lives!"
–Natalie's Mom–

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"Montisse remembers everything he learned at camp...the routine, the skills, and things about maps and hiking and rivers. Whatever they taught him stuck!"
–Montisse's Mom–


"Camp has given Emporia a broader perspective. This experience is showing her that she can do whatever she wants to do and be whatever she wants to be."
–Emporia's Mom–