Our Camps

We currently provide camperships to the following five overnight camps.

Birch Trail Camp
Birch Trail Camp for girls is located in Minong, Wisconsin. BirchTrailLogoThe philosophy of the program is that all children need success, and each individual achievement is rewarded. Recognition is based on objective standards of effort and performance, not on winning.

Camp Kamaji

Camp Kamaji for girls is located in Cass Lake, Minnesota. Kamaji teaches its campers the skills necessary to grow towards independence and in time, adulthood. It does so within a structured supportive, supervised and positive environment.


Camp Timberlane
Camp Timberlane for boys is located in Woodruff, Wisconsin. Camp Timberlane’s programs are designed to make a positive difference in the lives of its campers.


Chippewa Ranch Camp
Chippewa’s camping philosophy consists of good fellowships and personal growth. ChippewaLogo
Competition is not stressed. The goal is for each girl to learn to live together in harmony, make new friends, and hopefully show self improvement in many aspects of life.

North Star Camp
The North Star Camp for boys is located in Hayward, Wisconsin. NorthStarLogoNorth Star develops values by providing opportunities to practice decision making, self-expression, teamwork and group-living skills through a variety of activities.